Self-Pay Analyzer

Conquer new self-pay obstacles

With healthcare’s massive influx of self-pay accounts, patient responsibility is at an all-time high. The typical family of four has seen a $12,000 increase in out-of-pocket medical expenses. High deductible health plans (HDHPs) abound and old processes for patient collections have become obsolete.

Payor Logic’s Self-Pay Analyzer determines which patients are most likely to pay and pinpoints those who qualify for a hardship discount or Medicaid. Through our comprehensive, data-driven review of self-pay accounts, providers and billing companies are able to:

  • Improve cost-to-collect ratios
  • Reduce agency contingency fees
  • Identify propensity to pay, hardship and probable Medicaid (retro eligibility)

How it Works

Self-Pay Analyzer maximizes internal collections and prevents low-hanging fruit from being outsourced to collections vendors. Accounts are first segmented according to payment likelihood. They are then assessed against credit bureau data and multiple payor sources to produce faster self-pay A/R results at less cost.

The Results

Our customers report less juggling of contractors and higher rates of self-pay conversion with Self-Pay Analyzer. Emergency services, emergency medicine groups, billing companies and other providers financially clear patients faster and more efficiently with Payor Logic.

Whether you choose only our Self-Pay Analyzer or the full Payor Logic suite of self-pay A/R software, you’ll quickly recognize ROI based on actual cash reimbursement.

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“We use Payor Logic Self Pay Analyzer to identify payment likelihood—their scores are remarkably accurate.” ATD Resources, Inc.