Payor Logic Integrates with CentralSquare Technologies, Formerly TriTech Software

Technology and services partnership increase efficiency and revenue for EMS billing

CENTERVILLE, OhioOct. 22, 2018— Payor Logic, a patient receivable and insurance discovery company for emergency medical services (EMS) and other healthcare providers, today announced a collaboration with CentralSquare Technologies, industry leader in public safety software, to integrate the company’s technology and services into EMS billing workflows. Through the partnership, ambulance service providers receive timely and actionable patient demographic and insurance coverage data to: 

  • Streamline EMS billing workflow
  • Achieve optimal EMS reimbursement 
  • Prioritize and resolve EMS patient balances

“Collaboration with CentralSquare creates an integrated environment where data for EMS billing can be sent and received in real time versus old, traditional batch mode,” said Ted Williams, VP of Sales and Marketing, Payor Logic. “Performing insurance discovery and demographic updates simultaneously within the billing workflow results in fewer denials and less returned mail, achieving a 30 percent increase in efficiency for billers and an increase in revenue for EMS billing offices.” The real-time, holistic approach also focuses billing staff on core functions, making teams more efficient and productive. 

“CentralSquare is committed to advancing Payor Logic’s goal of optimizing EMS billing workflows and provider revenue through a unified software platform,” said Richard Loehr, Product Manager, CentralSquare Technologies. “Through combined experience and resources, we can help solve pressing issues facing billers—giving them the tools they need to succeed and making healthcare billing more intuitive.”

For example, in emergency situations it is imperative that billing staff know the exact demographics, insurance coverage and eligibility on the front end versus waiting until a claim is denied by the payer. Combined technology enhances Payor Logic’s ability to cut self-pay loss for EMS providers and other emergency services through three proactive, cost-efficient strategies—verifying patient demographics, identifying billable insurance coverage and checking patient propensity to pay. All of these capabilities are fully integrated into the CentralSquare billing workflow for EMS providers. 

About Payor Logic

Payor Logic is an industry provider of revenue cycle solutions for healthcare. The company offers streamlined, integrated technology and services to manage patient receivables. Payor Logic’s solutions ensure cleaner patient data, faster reimbursement and simpler self-pay management. Used by hundreds of organizations nationwide, Payor Logic delivers a significant return on investment for healthcare providers and their billing companies. For more information, please visit

About CentralSquare Technologies

Formed by the merger of Superion, TriTech along with Zuercher, and the public sector and healthcare business of Aptean, CentralSquare Technologies is an industry leader in public safety and public administration software, serving over 7,500 organizations from the largest metropolitan city to counties and towns of every size across North America. Its technology platform provides solutions for public safety, including 911, computer aided dispatch, records management, mobile, citations, evidence management, and corrections. More information is available at

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