Insurance Verifier

Get faster verification for stronger bottom lines

Verifying eligibility is the first step for healthy receivables across most healthcare specialties.  Whether in real time or batch processing, your ability to access details regarding coverage by service type, co-pay, deductibles and benefits empowers better reimbursement for all patient populations and payment methodologies.

With Insurance Verifier from Payor Logic, insurance eligibility is verified quickly, efficiently and at less cost than traditional methods. Our customers discover valuable and cost-effective benefits:

  • Higher clean claim rates
  • Up-front coverage determinations
  • Real-time capture of benefits and eligibility

How it Works

Insurance Verifier combines technology innovations with receivables expertise to rapidly and accurately triage your patients’ insurance coverage. With specific know-how in emergency services, emergency medicine, billing, lab, DME and hospital accounts, we solve insurance verification and eligibility issues for every patient, every payor—every time.

The Results

Payor Logic’s Insurance Verifier service helps customers collect every dollar of revenue they’ve earned—even from the most difficult payors. With eligibility verification in hand, the whole payment process becomes more fluid and reduces touch points for every visit. Our customers save time and money in managing accounts, reduce overall bad debt write-offs, and realize higher clean claim rates.

5 unique ways our clients find 29% more billable coverage View infographic ⨠

“Now we financially clear our patients up–front. Insurance Verifier keeps us one step ahead of claims rejections and reduces bad debt write-offs.” Midwest Laboratory Services Provider