EMS Week 2018

May 20-26, 2018, we celebrate EMS Week with the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the National Association of EMT’s(NAEMT), our partners, clients and most importantly, their staff. We work with incredible organizations that have all-star EMS practitioners and billing administrators. During this special week Payor Logic highlights the hidden superheroes in EMS billing!

Chris Davison, Ambulance Billing Manager, Tucson Fire Department

Here we highlight Chris Davison, Ambulance Billing Manager of the Tucson Fire Department in Tucson, Arizona, as one of the hidden heroes in EMS billing. We met her several years ago at a conference after she had moved from her role at the City of Tucson to the Tucson Fire Department. Since then, she has guided the department to work more efficiently, increase revenue opportunities and improve morale. During our interview, Chris shares specific ways she has been able to make changes and see results.

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Holly Hirneisen, Vice President, PPS

Here we highlight Holly Hirneisen, Vice President of Professional Practice Support, Inc. in Gainesville, Georgia, as one of the hidden heroes in EMS billing. We met Holly in 2017 and could instantly tell how passionate she is about her work. During our interview, she shares her approach to EMS billing and how she provides a positive customer experience.

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