Companies that code and bill for Emergency Medicine struggle to receive correct patient demographics and valid insurance information—especially for patients that present as uninsured or self-pay.  The key to survival is quickly verifying patient demographics and securing billable insurance coverage for each and every emergency visit.

However, many emergency patients are either under-insured or un-insured. The increase in patient payment responsibility forces emergency medicine groups and billing companies to track down patients—trying to collect the revenue they’ve earned. 

Insufficient patient and insurance information also delays the billing process. Claims are delayed and letters returned due to inaccurate addresses or transient coverage. Or worse, bills and letters go to someone else, causing a HIPAA violation.

The piles of aged and bad-debt accounts climb. Your business is forced to pay contingency fees to collection agencies. And, you write off millions of visits each year—leaving significant amounts of revenue behind.

Move Revenue Forward

Payor Logic corrects your front end demographics so all your back-end processes run smoothly. We uncover new self-pay patient payment sources including commercial insurance, Medicaid eligibility and FPL hardship status to:

  • Increase net cash
  • Reduce non-payment risk
  • Expand available payor sources for self-pay patients

Benefits for Emergency Medicine

Payor Logic finds millions of dollars annually through correct patient demographics and billable insurance coverage for every visit, including self-pay. Specific benefits include:

  • Collect every dollar of revenue earned—even from the most difficult payors and uninsured patients.
  • Identify patient demographics and verify/find insurance coverage to expedite claims, reduce return mail, and increase revenue.
  • Save time and money in managing accounts while reducing overall bad debt write-offs and reliance on third party collections agencies.
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“I’m most impressed with Payor Logic’s customer service and support. With other companies, you wait in line. Not with Payor Logic.” Mohawk Ambulance