In 2013, durable medical equipment (DME) businesses were slammed with reimbursement cuts and new billing complexities. Every dollar became harder to collect and each order more difficult to fill.

Increasing patient liability added to the growing struggle for DME providers—maintain a positive cash flow and keep DME businesses afloat. There has been no easy button. Until now.

Without proven methods to identify patients, verify or discover insurance coverage, or determine prior authorization, DME providers leave revenue behind—and pay unnecessary high contingency fees to agencies.  Counterbalancing reimbursement cuts through faster billing and cleaner collections has become job #1.

Recognize More Revenue

Payor Logic helps DME providers find millions of dollars annually through correct demographics and insurance related information for every order. We use intelligent, actionable data to uncover new, billable payors faster—without adding to workload or billing staff requirements. 

Payor Logic improves DME claims processing and bottom line dollars while also minimizing write-offs and collection agency expense.  With Payor Logic, DME providers quickly: 

  • Verify furnished coverage
  • Discover billable coverage
  • Receive prior authorization requirement alerts

Benefits for DME

Payor Logic corrects your front end demographics so all your back-end processes run smoothly. We uncover new payment sources including commercial insurance, Medicaid eligibility and FPL hardship status to:

  • Reduce the number of DME orders without coverage on file by more than 10%
  • Minimize write-offs, labor hours and collection agency expense
  • Realize upwards of a 6:1 return on investment
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“The key to financial survival in healthcare is finding insurance and coverage for as many patients as possible. With Payor Logic, we are able to quickly and accurately code cases, submit claims and get payment.” Billing Company